Checklist of IT resources needed in on-premises licensing

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Checklist of IT resources needed in on-premises licensing

The information on this page is not valid for online subscriptions.

In Tekla Structures on-premises licensing, you need to install the licensing tools on your own hardware, taking into account the following IT resource related requirements:

  • Supported operating system

    The FlexNet licensing system for Tekla Structures runs in Windows operating system. The support for virtual servers is limited. For more information, see Tekla Structures Hardware recommendations in Tekla User Assistance.

  • Windows user account with administrator rights

    Your Windows login user name should not contain any special characters.

    You need to have administrator rights to install and manage the license server. For more information, see Rights needed for administrator tasks in on-premises licensing.

  • TCP/IP port 27007 for license server

    Tekla licensing service (lmgrd) is automatically run in the TCP/IP port 27007. This port should be dedicated for Tekla licensing service only. If required, you can manually set a different TCP/IP port for the licensing service, see Modify the license file tekla.lic manually.

  • Local area network

    The license server and the client computers need to be in the same local area network. The clients need to be able to contact the license server. If there is no local area network in your company, we recommend that you install the license server on each computer that has Tekla Structures and activate one license on each computer.

  • Internal firewall and direct communication

    The internal firewall of your company (for example, Windows Firewall) must allow the communication between the server computer and the computers with Tekla Structures. You must allow the applications tekla.exe and lmgrd.exe to operate through the firewall. For more information, see Allowing Tekla on-premises license server to operate through Windows Firewall.

    Direct communication from the server computer to the Internet needs to be allowed when the license server at your company contacts the activation server at Trimble Solutions. The activation communication uses SOAP over HTTPS on the TCP/IP port 443.

    Your firewall should not block any incoming or outgoing information during the activation. To allow the activation communication, use the activation server address in your firewall settings:

    If direct communication from the server computer to the Internet is not allowed, contact your local Tekla Structures support for manual activation.

  • System backup settings

    If you have an automatic backup and restore system in your company, configure your system so that it does not overwrite your actual Trusted Storage with the backup copy. Trusted Storage is the place where the licensing information is stored on the server computer, and it is located in C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet depending on the operating system.

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