Changes in Tekla Structures installation

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Tekla Structures

Changes in Tekla Structures installation

Tekla Structures 2019 introduces the following main changes to installation:

  • Environment installers are now .msi installers that contain the .tsep installers related to the environment.

    Tekla Structures 2019 environment installers are available in Tekla Downloads like in earlier Tekla Structures versions.

  • The installation folder structure has changed so that the folder path under \ProgramData and under \Users now contains Trimble :
    • Tekla Structures software is still by default installed under \Program Files.
    • Tekla Structures environments are still by default installed under \ProgramData. The folder path now contains Trimble as follows: ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\Environments. This default location is used when you install the software under \Program Files.
    • User-specific settings are still installed under \Users. The folder path now contains Trimble as follows: ..\Users\<user>\Appdata\Local\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>.
  • Tekla Structures version number is now written as 2019.0 in the folder structure.
  • The Windows registry installation settings are now saved to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<VERSION> registry key. This path now also includes Trimble.
  • The RPC interface message buffer size has been increased to 4096. All RPC-based connections, details and detailing tools need to be compiled with the new developer kit.
  • Starting from this version, all Tekla Structures installations can be used with online licenses, so it is no longer necessary to separately install standard, partner and learning ( Tekla Campus ) versions. See Licensing updates for more information.
  • A new environment is now available for Canada.
  • There is now only one US environment. You can switch between imperial and metric modeling by using roles.
  • In the Default environment, the role All is not available anymore.

Environment installers now contain .tsep installers

As a new feature in Tekla Structures 2019, the environment .msi installers include sets of .tsep installers that contain the actual environment files and settings. When installing a new version of Tekla Structures , you still install the software first and then the environments. Running the .msi installers requires administrator rights. The .msi installers are installed to your computer before opening Tekla Structures.

When you run the environment .msi installer, the installer creates the environment folder and copies the .tsep installers to the ..\Tekla Structures\2019.0\Extensions\To be installed folder.

The .tsep installers are run when you open Tekla Structures for the first time. Running the .tsep installers does not require administrator rights. Tekla Structures opens a dialog box that shows the installation progress of the .tsep installers. The .tsep installers install the environment files to the ..\Tekla Structures\2019.0\Environments\<environment> folder.

In Tekla Structures version updates, Tekla Structures will only install the changed .tsep installers.

The installed environment .tsep installers are listed in Extension manager in Tekla Structures.

Environment folder structure

The environment folder structure has been renewed so that it is easier to keep the folder content up to date.

The folders are now logically organized based on roles or materials, for example, \Concrete , \Steel , \Engineering. The \General folder includes content that is common for all roles and settings that are specific to modeling and drawings, for example. Note that the folder structure and content may vary depending on the environment. Tekla Structures administrators maintain the folder structure under the role and material folders and their subfolders, and define the settings that are used in the environment ini file of their environment.

Use the XS_SYSTEM advanced option to point to the role and material folders. By default, the environments do not have the folder \Environments\<your environment>\ system anymore.

Bridge Designer role

The new Bridge Designer role gives access to advanced tools relevant to boosting bridge design productivity. The Bridge Designer role is available in the following environment installations: Default, USA (US metric role), UK, Canada,Australasia, India, Middle East, SE Asia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

The Beam Extruder , Concrete Bridge Reinforcement tools and Bridge Creator bridge designer tools are available on a separate Bridges tab on the Tekla Structures ribbon. These tools are designed to improve and to make your workflow faster and easier.

With the new Bridge Creator extension, it is easy to produce even the most complex double curve decks or other bridge elements. You can produce accurate 3D models for road alignments where varying superelevation results in complex bridge decks, for example.

Using Bridge Creator , you can

  • Import road alignments automatically from the road design software as LandXML.
  • Define the start and end of the deck and other bridge elements. One or more key sections can be constrained to the road alignment.
  • Move your B-rep model to Tekla Structures for rebar modeling using the Concrete Bridge Reinforcement tools, which are specifically created for reinforcing double curve elements.
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