Renew a Tekla license

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Renew a Tekla license

License renewal means changing the details on an existing license, such as updating the highest allowed software version or extending the validity period of a temporary license. You deactivate the current license and then activate it again with a new license entitlement certificate that contains the updated information.

When you receive your renewed license, you must deactivate the existing license and then activate the new version of the license. Two versions of the same license cannot be active at the same time. License deactivation and activation is done on License server (which can also be the same computer on which Tekla Structures is installed) and requires an internet connection.


Before you deactivate licenses, ensure that the licenses are not in use or borrowed. To deactivate the licenses, users must return any borrowed licenses as explained in Return a borrowed Tekla license.

To renew a license:

  1. Rename your previous entitlement certificate file in the license server installation folder (by default C:\Tekla\License\Server ) from EntitlementCertificate.html to EntitlementCertificate-OLD.html.
  2. Save the entitlement certificate file to the license server installation folder.

    The person in your organization who has made the license purchase, or someone named as the contact person, receives a new EntitlementCertificate.html entitlement certificate by e-mail as an attachment.

  3. Go to Tekla Licensing > Tekla License Administration Tool through the Start menu or Start screen , depending on your Windows operating system.
  4. In the Activated Licenses area, select the Deactivate check box next to the license you want to deactivate.
  5. Click the enabled Deactivate button.

    When deactivation is complete, the License administration tool shows a confirmation message.


    Do not use automatic notification if you are using some other FlexNet license and license server administration tool, such as FlexNet Manager. To notify the license server about license changes manually, see Activate Tekla licensing using manual server notification.

  6. If not already enabled, enable the automatic license server notification functionality by clicking the Notify Server button.
  7. Open the license entitlement certificate located in the ..\Tekla\License\Server folder by clicking Open , navigating to ..\Tekla\License\Server , selecting EntitlementCertificate.html , and clicking Open again. The license information is displayed in the Entitled Licenses area.

  8. Click the Activate cell and select the number of licenses to activate.

  9. Click the Activate button.

    Your license server contacts the license activation server at Trimble Solutions.

The activated licenses are displayed in the Activated Licenses area.

Do not forget to take a backup copy of the trusted storage of the activated licenses (..\ProgramData\FLEXnet\).

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