Export to IDEA StatiCa Connection Design (version 21 and earlier)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Export to IDEA StatiCa Connection Design (version 21 and earlier)

Before exporting connections to IDEA StatiCa, you are advised to be aware of the limitations. Then, you can proceed to follow the detailed instructions to perform the export.

If you have IDEA StatiCa version 21 or earlier installed, connections are exported one at a time using a simple link.

Link limitations

The link is compatible with the following versions of IDEA StatiCa:
  • 9.1
  • 10.0
  • 10.1 (build 10.1.113 or later)
  • 20.1
  • 21

The following limitations should be noted.

  • Design codes supported; LRFD, ASD, Eurocode and AS (Australia).

    • BS 5950 and IS (India) are not supported.
  • Column base plates are not exported.
  • For connections identified as ‘Moment Connections’ using Update connections in Tekla Structural Designer any out of plane members are not exported.
  • For any connections identified in Tekla Structural Designer the brace members are not passed through to IDEA StatiCa.
  • For any connection type, haunches are not exported.
  • For the above versions of IDEA StatiCa, Tekla Structural Designer uses ToS and the wire model is at this level too. The export to IDEA depicts the ToS so that the 3D graphic looks correct. However, the wire model typically connects at offsets of half the beam depth. This introduces additional forces/moments due to eccentricity of line of action etc. This line of action of the force set can be adjusted in IDEA StatiCa.
    • An option to use member centre line noding is available, but to use this you would need to install IDEA StatiCa version 22 onwards (and also be using Tekla Structural Designer version 2022 SP4 onwards).

Export to IDEA StatiCa

  1. Right-click the connection in a Scene View.
  2. Choose Export Connection to IDEA StatiCa from the right-click menu, selecting the analysis results to use at the same time.
  3. Specify the file name and location for this connection.
    The IDEA StatiCa application opens to allow the connection to be designed, the following data having been transferred:
    • Connection geometry
    • Section profile & material grade
    • Connection forces for each active solved Tekla Structural Designer combination.
    Note: The Tekla Structural Designer model remains frozen until you close the IDEA StatiCa connection.
  4. Add bolts, stiffeners etc as required and design the connection.
When you close the connection Tekla Structural Designer becomes active once more; the connection file is automatically embedded in the model.
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