Minimum lateral loads (MLL) (Indian Standards)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Minimum lateral loads (MLL) (Indian Standards)

You are able to create up to two minimum lateral load sets, 'Case A' and 'Case B'. The loads in each set being specified as a percentage of gravity loading. These are then applied in the analysis as a horizontal force at each node in each level.

Settings to activate and define the MLLs are found in Home > Model Settings > Minimum Lateral Loads.

In addition to defining how the loads are to be calculated in Model Settings, you also are required to specify the gravity combination to be used for the calculation. This second part is done from the Loading dialog box - the required combination being identified by the Minimum Lateral Loads checkbox on the Parameters tab of the Combinations page.

The MLL loadcases are then made available in each of the building directions when creating load combinations.

Once you have specified the gravity combination to be used and performed the analysis, you can view the magnitude of the loads from the project workspace. You can also display their magnitude and direction graphically in a results view.

Note: There is a subtle/important difference between MLLs and NHFs - the NHF loading in every combination is dependent on the gravity loading in that combination. Min Lateral Load (MLL) - creates fixed loadcases which are then included in combinations. So the MLL case used in a combination can be based on gravity loads that don't exist in that combination.
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