Install and license Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Install and license Tekla Structural Designer

When you install Tekla Structural Designer, you will be asked to select your license method from a range of options. These are fully explained in the "Tekla Engineering Software - Installation and Licensing Guide 2021" which can be viewed during the installation process by clicking the button shown below.

To install Tekla Structural Designer:
  1. Download the installation file from Tekla Downloads to your computer.
  2. Double-click the installation file to run the installation.
  3. Follow the steps in the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Licensing & installation information specific to Tekla Structural Designer 2021

  • Licensing:

    • Perpetual Licenses - for perpetual licenses using Sentinel RMS (both local and server), Tekla Structural Designer 2021 will require the activation of a new 2021 version license. You should already have received your 2021 Product Activation Key (PAK) as these are usually distributed prior to the software release. Please contact your local Service Department now if you do not have your PAK. To minimize any down time, we recommend you activate your PAK BEFORE installing this release.

    • Subscription Licenses - if you have Subscription Licenses they will use the new Tekla Online License Method and the 2021 license(s) should already have been added to your Tekla Online Organization. Select the “Tekla Online” license method option when installing the program as shown in the picture below (only select the “Automatic” license method if you have both subscription licenses and Sentinel RMS server licenses as described in this TUA Article).
      • In order to use a Tekla Online license you will need: a verified Trimble Identity & Tekla OnlineAccount; to be a member of your company's Tekla Online Organization; have an Online License assigned to you by your Organization’s Administrator; to Sign In to your Tekla Online account when you run the program.

  • Installation - no previous installation of Structural Designer is required. To aid with transition, this release will install alongside existing versions and does not overwrite them.

    • Integration

      • Tekla Structures - if you wish to integrate with Tekla Structures you should install both this release and Tekla Structures 2021 for optimum performance.
        • Note that there have been significant improvements to integration - especially for rebar - in the 2021 releases. For more information about this please see the Tekla Structures Help Topic Tekla Structural Designer Import and Export.

      • Tekla Portal Frame and Connection Designer 21 - if you wish to integrate this release with Tekla Portal Frame Designer and/or Tekla Connection Designer (or if you use these stand-alone) you should install the new Tekla Portal Frame Designer 21 and/or Tekla Connection Designer 21 available from the Tekla Download Service (note that these too will also need a new license).

      • Tekla Tedds - for integrated design using Tekla Tedds you should install the 2021 release for Tekla Tedds.

    • Previous Versions and file compatibility - files from all previous versions can be opened in this release however, note that, once saved, they cannot then be opened in a previous release. If you wish to retain this option we therefore recommend using the File > Save As… option to save a copy of the file in the previous release and retain the original.

    • Databases - Some Databases are updated in this release. For an existing installation of a previous release, your local Databases will automatically be updated (it is no longer necessary to do this manually via Home > Materials). This process works as follows:

      • Providing all databases can be updated automatically without user intervention, when this release is first run then the updates are applied and a message is displayed stating "updating to latest database versions" as shown below. On successful completion the message closes and the program will open.

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