2nd order linear - simple cantilever

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

2nd order linear - simple cantilever

Problem definition

A 10 long cantilever is subjected to a lateral tip load of 45 and an axial tip load of 4000.


Shear deformations are ignored. Results are independent of cross section area; therefore any reasonable value can be used. Second order effects from stress stiffening are included, but those caused by update of geometry are not. The beam is modelled with only one finite element, (if more elements had been used the result would converge on a more exact value).

Key results

Results were compared with an independent analysis package.

Result Comparison Solver value
Tip Deflection -0.1677 -0.1677
Base Moment Reaction -1121 -1121


An exact match is observed between the values reported by the solver and the values reported in “Comparison”.

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