Update the model with other users' changes in Tekla Model Sharing (read in)

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Update the model with other users' changes in Tekla Model Sharing (read in)

To update your model with the changes made by other users, fetch the changes from the sharing service by reading them in.

You always need to read in the most current changes to a model before you can write out your own changes.

  1. On the File menu, click Sharing > Read in, or click on the Quick Access Toolbar.

    If there are available packets to read in, the Read in icon shows a green arrow and the number of packets .


    If you have been idle for over 6 hours, the number of packets may not be shown in the Read in icon. That is why we recommend that after a long time of idling, you click the Read in icon to ensure if any packets are available to read in.

    If one of the users who shares the model has selected the Show available updates when reading in the changes option in the Sharing settings dialog box, the Available updates list opens after you have clicked the Read in icon.

    The dialog box lists all the available packets. You can read in the changes packet-by-packet, if you want to check the model changes in phases. If you want to receive all the updates at once, you can select the latest packet and all the previous packets are read in as well.

    When you read in, the updates to the shared model are delivered as incremental packets that only include the changed data. You need to read in all shared changes before you can write out your own changes to the sharing service again.

    If you have selected the Show changes after read in option in the Sharing settings dialog box, a list of sharing changes opens at the bottom pane after the selected packets are read in. The list shows the changes according to how they affect the model.

    For more information on sharing changes, see Detect sharing changes and view the sharing history in Tekla Model Sharing.

  2. Continue working with the model.

    If you encounter problems with sharing, check the sharing related log files in the current model folder and in ..\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Tekla DataSharing for troubleshooting.

    If Tekla Model Sharing detects changes that should not appear in the local version of the model after read in, Tekla Structures displays a message and the changes are recorded in the modelsharing.log. We recommend that you contact your local support to solve the issue.


    You can use the Sharing automation tool to automate read in, so that you can keep the model updated with changes made by other users of the model.

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