Tekla Ecosystem for CORENET X Submission

The Tekla Ecosystem presents an innovative solution for your CORENET X submissions in Singapore. Through the utilization of Tekla products, this refined workflow optimizes each step, encompassing modeling to IFC-SG data transfer, all while ensuring steadfast compliance with regulations. Embrace the Tekla Workflow to achieve unmatched precision and efficiency in your CORENET X submissions, ultimately setting new benchmarks for project excellence.

Tekla Ecosystem


Tekla IFC-SG Tools Downloads

Explore various downloadable resources for Tekla's IFC-SG Tools to meet your specific needs.

1. Tekla IFC-SG Installer Package

Tekla IFC-SG Configuration Installer

This Installer file (*.TSEP) contains Tekla Structures IFC-SG configuration files including the User Defined Attributes (UDA), IFC-SG export mapping and more.

Installation Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to install IFC-SG configuration files into Tekla Structures.

2. Tekla Structures Attribute Importer

Tekla Structures Attribute Importer Installer

This Tekla Structures plugin installer (*.TSEP) allows users to import attribute data from any Excel file into the Tekla Structures model.

Setting Files

Load in this setting file (*.JSON) after Tekla Structures Attribute Importer has been installed to ensure when you import you are getting the latest import mapping.

Installation Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to install Tekla Structures Attribute Importer and load the import setting file.

User Guide

3. Tekla Structural Designer Data Extractor

Tekla Structural Designer Data Extractor Installer

This Tekla Structural Designer plugin installer file (*.MSI) allows the export of design data from the TSD model into Excel files for the user to analyze and import into Tekla Structures.

Installation Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to install Tekla Structural Designer Data Extractor.

User Guide

4. IFC-SG Model Checker (Trimble Connect)

IFC-SG Model Checker Installer

This Trimble Connect plugin installer (*.MSI) allows users to check the IFC-SG model content based on CORENET X Code of Practice requirements within Trimble Connect.

Settings Files

The setting for IFC-SG Model Checker (TC) is an excel file that contains the IFC-SG checking rules for the model checker to be based on.

Installation Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to install IFC-SG Model Checker plugin into Trimble Connect.

5. Trimble Connect Model Explorer

Trimble Connect Model Explorer Installer

This Trimble Connect plugin installer file (*.MSI) enhanced the display of the model elements and their properties in a Tree structure that provides easy navigation in Trimble Connect.

Installation Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to install Trimble Connect Model Explorer into Trimble Connect.

User Guide

Tekla plugins for IFC-SG

Trimble provides a convenient method of ensuring seamless two-way communication between a detailed BIM model and a robust design model. While this two-way communication ensures that BIM and design deliverables are both in sync and accurate, IFC-SG introduces a new information schema requiring an additional layer of information to be transmitted from Tekla Structural Designer to Tekla Structures for the production of IFC-SG-compliant models.

Trimble has taken the initiative to develop two new plugins that will ensure engineers are ready for IFC-SG within the Tekla ecosystem.

Tekla CORENET X Integration Workflow

(2) Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) Data Extractor

TSD Data Extractor provides an expedient method of extracting all readily available design data within a TSD model into Excel that is IFC-SG compliant. These data can be easily extracted with just a single button and can be filtered based on the Member Types as well as by levels (slabs and beams only).

(3) Attribute Importer

Attribute Importer provides a seamless and robust method of previewing and importing data from an Excel file into TS. Mapping different column names to any editable attribute within Tekla allows users to load the data from any source into TS with ease.

IFC-SG Model Checker (Trimble Connect)

Preparing for submission of IFC-SG models into CORENET X can be a demanding and time-consuming task. Furthermore, today's increasingly complex and modern designs further increase the amount and complexity of collected data.

Recognizing the above, Trimble has developed IFC-SG Model Checker to provide a simplified methodology to ensure no missing or inappropriate data before the submission to CORENET X. This tool leverages on Trimble Connect as an Open BIM collaboration platform, enabling users to easily and quickly validate the content of IFC-SG models from any industry recognized BIM authoring platforms such as Tekla Structure, Revit, ArchiCAD and OpenBuildings Designer.

Trimble Connect Model Explorer

Consumers of huge BIM Models often find it difficult to navigate, identify and search for any BIM elements. With that, Trimble is now introducing our lightweight Trimble Connect Model Explorer which simplifies the navigation of elements within a BIM models. Users will be able to quickly search for elements using the searchbar, interact with the model in Trimble Connect via the Model Navigation Tree as well as parsing through all the data available within the same window. In addition, the Model Navigation Tree can be customized at any time to meet user and project requirements.



Tekla Product downloads

Discover the go-to location for downloading Trimble's Tekla products.

Download Tekla Structures
Download Tekla Structural Designer
Download Trimble Connect


Tekla IFC-SG How-to Guides

BIM Tekla How-to Guides is intended as a reference for the users in preparing BIM files for CORENET X submission in IFC-SG. It contains software configuration setup, export settings, and IFC-SG-specific concepts used to map the native information for the applicable IFC-SG export.

It is recommended that users have gone through the PDF document or watch the video, to get an overview on the requirements and understand the importance of preparing an IFC model for submission.


Preparing TEKLA Models for CORENET X Submission

An extraction from CORENET X Code of Practice (COP).

“Preparing Tekla Models for CORENET X Submission" extracts Tekla-specific content from the CORENET X COP. This supplementary resource is tailored to assist Tekla users in efficiently preparing their models with Tekla Structures for CORENET X submission.

The COP offers guidance on multi-agency regulatory submissions and addresses common BIM issues at the project collaboration level. Our book simplifies the process by focusing on Tekla-related procedures, making it an essential tool for Tekla users aligning with the CORENET X Code of Practice.

CORENET X - Preparing Tekla models