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Do I need to log in to Trimble Identity when working offline in a model sharing model?


There are few steps you need to do before you can work completely offline in a model sharing model.

Working offline requires that you have:
  • Permission for the model
  • Trimble Identity (account), which has Model Sharing license enabled
  • Windows user name and domain is the same for offline and online usage
  • Borrowed Tekla Structures license, if you are working completely without Internet connection
You need to be invited to the model with your Trimble Identity, othervise you do not have permission and access for the model, not even to a local copy of it. This was changed in 2016 version, before that you could open local copy of model sharing model.

Trimble Identity
You need to log in to your Trimble Identity and join to the model sharing model at least once before you can work offline. You also need to use the same Windows user name you are going to use when working offline. There will be a mapping between Trimble Identity and Windows user and domain name in the model.

When you have joined the model, you will have local copy on your computer. You can work with this copy locally offline. You don't need to log in to your Trimble Identity when working offline.  When working offline with Tekla Structures, you still need to have Tekla Structures license, so you need to borrow that. You can work local model normally when offline, create and modify objects, create drawings, save model, etc. Only when you try to use model sharing commands, like read in, write out, open Users dialog box etc. then you need to log in to Trimble Identity and have internet connection.

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