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Tekla Structures
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System restore may cause problems for licensing. For example, if you forget to deactivate your licenses before system restore and you restore the system to a time before your licenses were activated, those licenses will no longer appear as activated licenses, and you no longer get those licenses into use. You might also restore your system to an earlier point, where you had old version licenses activated. These old version licenses are shown but no longer work because you have newer version licenses already activated.

System restore might also delete or change some of the files in your Tekla Structures model folder, if the model folder is included in system restore.

System restore can also destroy your drawings ("Cannot load selected drawing"), if system restore changes the model folder files partially so that .dg files no longer match the .db1 file.

For example, if you use system restore to return your computer to a previous state, this may also restore the .db1 file to a previous state, which no more has a connection to the .dg files.

To prevent these problems:

  • Return borrowed licenses and deactivate your licenses before doing system restore, and activate them again after system restore.
  • Backup your models (the entire model folder) before doing system restore and place the backup so that system restore does not touch it.
  • You might also consider configuring your system backup settings so that the existing licensing software, tools and files are not automatically overwritten or replaced with the restored ones.

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