What’s the best way to share custom calculations with my colleagues?

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When you have written some custom calculations you’ll probably want to share them with your colleagues. The best way to do this is to use the Tedds Calc Publisher to package the various components into a single installation file.  When a colleague runs the installation the files will be copied to the correct directories on their computer. You can also create your own company approved calculation Index that will appear in both Tedds and Tedds for Word so that your calculations are easy to find.

What do I need to do if I update calculation?

When you have updated your calculation open your existing Tedds Calc Publisher project and re-build the installation file. The new file can be distributed to colleagues via a shared location so that it is easily accessible. Your colleagues can then double click on the file to install the calculation. The installation file is a standard Microsoft Installer package which means that if your IT department uses distributed software deployment tools they should be able to use those tools to distribute your installation automatically to other computers.

Can I store my User Libraries on a server?

It is possible to store your custom calculation libraries on a server or shared location however we do not recommend it for a number of reasons: 

  • Calculation performance will be slower
  • Files could easily be accidentally deleted, amended or overwritten 
  • It’s more likely that incomplete or unapproved calculations will be used
  • The calculations wouldn't be available when disconnected from the network
  • Some files your calculation may be using such as custom Data Lists, Data Tables and Data Graphs cannot be stored on a server

Amongst the other benefits of using the Tedds Calc Publisher is the option to add notes that appear during the installation that explain what your calculation does and what the latest amendments are.



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