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How do I install the plugin available on Nucor's website? After it is installed where do I find it in Tekla? What versions of Tekla does it support?


The plug-in's downloads are available in an .exe format. It must first be unzipped and then installed (run the executable) while Tekla is closed. Further installation instructions are available in the Readme PDF included with the download package. As it is stated in that file, to use the installer: 
1. Make sure that Tekla Structures is not open.
2. Run the file named “VulcraftPluginSetup.exe”. 
3. Click the “Install” button to start the Plug-in installation. 
4. The installer requires Windows Administrator privileges to copy the necessary files into the Tekla installation folders.

The plugin works for Tekla Structures versions 17.0 to 2019:


To view in versions 21.1 and newer, go to Applications and Components and browse for the extension, which is placed by default in the Ungrouped items group:

In versions 21.0 and previous it can be found in the Component Catalog:

Keep in mind that the installations on Nucor's website are separate for each version of Tekla Structures so you must download accordingly:


Aside from this plugin, the Vulcraft Profiles Warehouse extension contains their profiles including roof, non-composite and composite profiles, and also profiles for cutting. The profiles provided there, must be added to your own catalog as instructed here.  

For additional questions about the NuBIM Vulcraft Joist plug in installation, please contact Vulcraft support.  
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