US TSD Steel Fundamentals Tutorials

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US TSD Steel Fundamentals Tutorials

Here is a collection of tutorials on the fundamentals of steel design in Tekla Structural Designer. You can save this link to your favorites and use it as the launch page to view the TSD Steel Fundamentals training videos.

The tutorial series will begin with a brief introduction and overview of the topics, training materials, and pre-requesite knowledge for the course. Next, you will learn how to work with member properties and property sets, followed by an example of how to run a manual model validation.  You will then complete a 2-part session which will walk you through the gravity design process and lateral design process for steel design in TSD.  You'll finish by learning to use the built-in Wind Wizard to generate and manage wind loads in your model.

Before you begin, you will need to download the TSD Steel Fundamentals Training Manual and the TSD model files if you intend to follow along. You can download these files by clicking on the attachment in the menu on the right side of this page.

TSD Steel Fundamentals Tutorials

Click the tutorials in order, so you can follow along. Remember to download the files in the menu on the right side of this page.
(These tutorials will open in Tekla User Assistance)
  1. Steel Fundamentals Introduction
  2. Selection Properties and Sets
  3. Model Validation
  4. Steel Gravity Design Process
  5. Steel Lateral Design Process
  6. Wind Wizard

Note: This tutorial series is the second of four in a collection of tutorials on the fundamentals of Tekla Structural Designer.  To go to the homepage for the full collection of TSD Fundamentals Tutorials follow the link below:

US TSD Fundamentals Tutorials

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