US TSD Fundamentals Tutorials

Tekla Structural Designer
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Tekla Structural Designer
US TSD Fundamentals Tutorials

Here is a collection of tutorials on the fundamentals of  Tekla Structural Designer intended to help you get started in the program. You can save this link to your favorites and use it as the launch page to view all of the TSD Fundamentals training videos.

This tutorial collection is broken up into four series based on topic.  The first series is on the fundamentals of modeling in TSD and will walk you through the creation of a 3D model in TSD from start to finish.  The next two series are on the fundamentals of steel design and concrete design in TSD.  These two series will teach you the fundamentals of design in TSD for each material - going through the specific design options and design processes for both steel and concrete respectively.  The collection will end with a tutorial series on the fundamentals of BIM Integration with TSD, which will teach you the principles of integration with TSD and both Tekla Structures and Autodesk Revit.

We recommend that you complete these tutorial series in order, beginning with the Modeling Fundamentals. The Steel, Concrete, and Integration Fundamentals tutorials assume that the user is already familiar with the modeling process in TSD.

US TSD Fundamentals Tutorial Series

Click the tutorials in order, so you can follow along.
(These tutorials will open in Tekla User Assistance)
  1. Modeling Fundamentals
  2. Steel Fundamentals
  3. Concrete Fundamentals
  4. Integration Fundamentals
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