Unlocking locked reference models

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Tekla Structures
locked reference models
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I have a reference model that is hidden and locked, but I cannot unlock it. How to unlock it?

If the number of foreign objects (Tools > Inquire > Model size) is larger than the number of reference models in the Reference Model List dialog box, then it is possible that somebody had selected a single object in the reference model and set the lock on for that sub-object. These locked sub-objects may prevent unlocking the reference model they belong to.
Locked objects are listed in the TS log and to unlock them,
1. Open the log with Tools > Display Log Files > Session History…
2. Select the row containing the locked object Id.
3. Right-click the row and select Properties…
4. In the properties dialog box, click User-defined attributes…
5. Change Locked from Yes to No and click Modify.
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