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Question: I am unable to scale my reference model. When using the Reference Model Scale tool, I am choosing my model, picking two points, and entering the distance. After hitting OK, nothing is happening. Why?

Answer: Both possibilities for this issue are rooted in your Selecting toolbar. 

For this macro to work, you must be using Select reference models and Select components as indicated in the following linked article, under section Select an entire reference model

Carefully review the steps below for a successful scaling of your model using Reference Model Scale:

  1. Launch the Reference Model Scale toolbar (double-click on the icon). 
  2. Select the reference model (make sure that the Select reference models selection switch is on).
  3. Be sure you have the Select components switch active (the process will not work with any of the other main selection switches).
  4. Select your first and second points in the reference model (for snapping accuracy, the snap switches Geometry lines and points and Intersections should be active).
  5. Enter the new value and press OK.


For additional information on how to use this tool, refer to the linked article Reference Model Scale

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