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How do I troubleshoot Tekla Model Sharing issues?

What can you do on your own?

See Tekla Model Sharing Checklist if you can't use sharing functionality.

Learn how to use it with Tekla Model Sharing Guides and other related information in support articles.

Ask help from other users

Visit Tekla Forum to participate discussion on Tekla Model Sharing

Let your local support team help you

Contact support to solve Model Sharing issues (use Help > Contact Tekla Support... and invite support to your shared model

Tekla Model Sharing Checklist

Identify the problem

Did you get an error message from Tekla Structrures for example saying you don't have an active license?

Can you see if there are any message in Tekla Structures log that can point to you the cause, look for:

  • messages about that are related to your user profile or Model Sharing license
  • any "timeout" etc messages that indicate network connection related problems

In case there are multiple users in your office do they also face some issues at the same time? If so the cause might be your internet connection or some changes in your company network.

Check your internet connection

Visit a well-known site like Google, Microsoft or Wikipedia in order to check that you have a working Internet connection.

How to fix:

  • Is it just your computer? or another network device wifi/switch/router needing a reboot? cables?
  • Recent updates, new passwords?
  • Secondary connection available? Phone with 3G/4G?


Tekla Model Sharing functionality (Read in, Write out, etc.) requires Internet connection. In case you are missing the connection temporarily, you can continue working with the model locally and use sharing functionality when the connection is restored. 

Network settings, TCP ports, URLs and IP ranges needed for Tekla Model Sharing

In case that you see or suspect network connectivity related issues like "timeout" or "DNS name resolving" etc. in any log files or error messages, ask your company network administrator to review TCP ports, URLs and IP ranges used by Tekla Model Sharing.

Check the Tekla Model Sharing Service status site

Tekla Sharing Service status site gives you the latest information about the status of Tekla Sharing Service and possible scheduled maintenance breaks.

Check your Tekla Online Profile

To use Tekla Model Sharing, you must have a valid Tekla Online Profile and a valid Trimble Identity.

  • Sign in and see your Tekla Onine Profile at
  • On the profile info page, check that you are connected to your organization, which should be visible under My Company.
How to fix:
  • You need to get invited to your organization. Invitation can be done by your organization Tekla Account Administrator, see Tekla Account FAQ
  • If you don't know who your Tekla Account Administator is, please contact your local support and ask for his e-mail address.

Check your Model Sharing License

To use Tekla Model Sharing, you must have a valid Model Sharing License assigned by your organization Tekla Account Administrator.

  1. Start Tekla Structures and sign in with your Tekla Online Profile
  2. Start sharing by clicking File > Sharing > Start sharing...
  3. If you don't have Tekla Model Sharing license, you will see 'No license to use model sharing'

How to fix:

Visit your Tekla Online Profile to find contact information for your organization's Tekla Account Administrator. He/she can manage Tekla Model Sharing licenses for your organization and employees.


Trimble has provided you Tekla Model Sharing license to be used during the Free Introductory Trial period starting with Tekla Structures version 21.0 launch and ending by September 30th, 2015 (this requires your company Tekla Account Administrator to accept the license).

Tekla Model Sharing Guides

In Tekla User Assistance, you will product guides and support articles:


Tekla Model Sharing in Tekla Discussion Forum

Visit the Tekla Discussion Forum to participate discussion on Tekla Model Sharing.

Contacting local support to solve Tekla Model Sharing issues

  • Use Help > Contact Tekla Support...
    • select Model Sharing from option list
    • select entire model folder
    • attach additional log files
  • Optionally, invite local support to a shared model to investigate the issue

For detailed steps on above, please see Contact Tekla support to solve Model Sharing issues.

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