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The TeklaMark tool allows you to measure the performance of Tekla Structures' DirectX 3D engine with your hardware setup. If you use the legacy OpenGL graphics engine instead, you can measure the performance with the Steelmark application.

Because the 3D engine's performance varies depending on the model, we have three versions of the TeklaMark application: steel, concrete, and engineering. The only difference between the versions is that they use a different model in the test.

You can download TeklaMark or Steelmark in Tekla Warehouse.

TeklaMark uses the default graphics hardware (GPU). Change the GPU setting and run TeklaMark again to test other available GPUs. For more details about changing the GPU settings, see How to check the graphics card used for Tekla Structures.

To get a realistic score when running TeklaMark, open all other applications that you would normally run when using Tekla Structures. To test for the best possible performance, close all other applications.

TeklaMark shows a score for your hardware setup and gives you a link for emailing the data to Trimble. We add the data we receive to the comparison charts presented below for the benefit of all Tekla Structures users.

Hardware performance for the steel model:

Hardware performance for the concrete model:

Hardware performance for the engineering model:

The Steelmark tool for testing the legacy OpenGL engine does not have the same kind of mechanism for gathering and sending data to Trimble, so unfortunately we cannot provide any comparison charts for OpenGL.

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