Tekla Structural Design Release 2021 and later - Installation and Licensing FAQs

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Following are some common questions and answers on installation and licensing of the Tekla Structural Design Release 2021 and later of the Analysis & Design (A&D) products (Tekla Structural Designer, Tekla Tedds, Tekla Portal Frame Designer and Tekla Connection Designer).

  • Question - When will a Tekla Structural License Service (TSLS) version that installs Sentinel RMS 9.7 be available?
    • Answer - This is available now and is version 3.3.x or later.  You should install this on your license server now if you have not done so already.  
      • You can obtain the latest TSLS 3.3.x installation from Tekla Downloads.  For more information about it see the Release Notes page - Tekla Structural License Service (v3.30) Release Notes.  Note the following:
        • When installing the License Service on the server, you need only install the SafeNet Sentinel RMS License Service and Tekla Server License Manager components (the top two of the four listed).
        • Note that TSLS version 3.2.x, which also incorporated Sentinel RMS 9.7, was released before the 2021 release to assist with this requirement and because it included some improvements for using a mixture of Tekla Online and Sentinel RMS server licenses.  If you have already updated your license server with this, this should be sufficient since this will have updated Sentinel RMS to version 9.7 (but we recommend you double-check this is the case).


  • Question - Will I still be able to run the current or previous versions of my Analysis & Design (A&D) products (i.e. 2020 and earlier) after updating the license server to the new version of the TSLS and Sentinel RMS v9.7?
    • Answer - Absolutely Yes.  Updating the TSLS will not remove or interfere with existing licenses for current/ previous releases in any way.  Also the Sentinel RMS server component will then be a newer version than the client component, which is fine.  So you can safely update the license server before rolling out the 2021 or later releases to clients.
  • Question - If I update the server to v3.2.0.0 or later, do I also need to install this new version on our clients (engineer's computers)?
    • Answer - No this is not necessary.  However, you may like to do this if you have a mixture of Sentinel RMS Server and Tekla Online Licenses, as version and later has some enhancements for this situation.  For more information about this see the Release Notes pages - Tekla License Service update November 2020 (v3.2.0.0) and Tekla Structural License Service (v3.30) Release Notes
      • Note that when installing the License Service on a client, you need only install the Tekla Client Manager component (the third option of the four listed).  You do NOT need to install the Sentinel RMS License Service or Server License Manager on a client.
      • Note that this is NOT necessary if / when you have updated clients to Release 2021 or later, since the installation of this will automatically update the client Sentinel RMS version to the latest.
  • Question - When I receive my 2021 or later Release PAKs can I activate them right away?
    • Answer - Yes you can.  Note that they can be activated in the current version of the License Server Manager as well.
  • Question - Will I still be able to run the current/ previous versions of my products (i.e. 2020 and earlier) after activating new 2021 or later PAKs?
    • Answer - Yes, activating new release PAKs does not remove or interfere with existing licenses for current/ previous releases in any way.
  • Question - Can the Tekla Structural License Service be updated on the server when it is in operation - i.e. during working hours?
    • Answer - The installation will automatically stop then restart the Sentinel RMS License Manager Service in a few seconds.  This should not interrupt any clients currently using a server license.
      • However, for the most robust update with the least risk, we recommend the server is updated out of (client) operating hours, and that any commuted licenses are checked back in before the update.


  • Question - Will the server need Restarting after installing the new Tekla Structural License Service?
    • Answer - Normally a Restart should not be required.  However we have - rarely - encountered circumstances when it has been.  So a Restart is recommended.


  • Question - If I install a 2021 or later Release A&D program (any) on a client, but do NOT update the License Server, will older versions of A&D programs (e.g. 2020 and earlier) on the client still work?
    • Answer - No.  There is only one Sentinel RMS component on the client, and this will be updated to version 9.7 when any 2021 or later Release A&D program is installed.  Hence all versions of all A&D programs on the client will be affected and their licensing may not work until the License Server is also updated (to Sentinel RMS 9.7).  This is why the server should be updated before clients are updated to the 2021 or later Releases.



  • Question - Our License Server is a regular PC on which we also run the A&D programs (as described in this TUA article How do I Setup a Server License on a PC?).  What should I do?
    • Answer - You can install the new TSLS or later on this PC now if you wish.  Since it is acting as both a server and a client, install the top three components of the four listed. 
      • When the 2021 or later releases are available, you don’t need to do anything different to the original set up process.  On the computer which is acting as the License Server, just install the 2021 or later Release of the A&D program(s) in the usual way for this set up; select the Server (Sentinel RMS) License Method, and enter the server name as “localhost” (without the quotes) which it will default to.  The server and client component will then be automatically updated.  If you have any client computers, these are installed in the usual way as well.
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