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Tekla Model Sharing overview
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Tekla Model Sharing enables teams to collaborate on the same Tekla Structures project regardless of their location or time zone. Tekla Model Sharing adapts to any Internet connection speed, and you can even work offline. No additional hardware or software is required apart from Tekla Structures.

On this page, you can find our a summary of our resources related to Tekla Model Sharing.


As an introduction to Tekla Model Sharing, please take a look at this video.

Product guides

In the Tekla Structures product guides, you can find our instructions related to Tekla Model Sharing and how to start collaborating with other parties working on the same project.

We have also collected a set of best practices related to Tekla Model Sharing. Please get familiar with them before you start utilizing Tekla Model Sharing.

Learning content

The Tekla Model Sharing overview learning path guides you to through the basic steps on:

  • what Tekla Model Sharing is about
  • how to start using Tekla Model Sharing
  • how to join a shared model
  • writing and reading shared content
  • sharing a model yourself
  • different roles involved in Tekla Model Sharing and
  • how to manage Tekla Model Sharing from and administrator point of view.


In case you run into trouble while using Tekla Model Sharing, take a look at our list of resources on how to troubleshoot Tekla Model Sharing problems and what you can do in case you cannot resolve the issue yourself.

For administrators, we have collected a list of questions and answers guiding you through the process of evaluating, purchasing and managing Tekla Model Sharing licenses assigned to the organization's Tekla Account.

As an administator, you might benefit from viewing the video on how to manage Tekla Model Sharing by using the Management Console.

You can use the search to find all support articles related to Tekla Model Sharing.

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