Speeding up the multi user modeling and saving

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Is there a way to fasten the saving and modeling process when working in the multi-user mode?

1. Check your network connection speed, because it can slow down the saving process significantly.

2. Check that your workstations comply with the latest hardware recommendations. A good processor can increase the speed.

3. During the saving process memory use is significant.  32-bit computers have 4GB of RAM, and a maximum of 3GB of memory can be used for the TS saving process (if there is this much free memory). If more is needed, the virtual memory is used, which can be slow. In 64-bit computers TS is able to use all the available memory for the saving process.

4. The saving time may be shorter if you close down all the views of the model before saving.

5. If there are many system files in the network drive, saving may become slower than when using system files located on your own hard drive. A good way to speed up the saving is to set XS_PROJECT and XS_FIRM to a local drive and move most of the system files there. Each user should naturally use the same files to ensure similar outcome.

6. Running the multi-user server on the same workstation as TS has no advantage or disadvantage. The multi-user server itself has very low CPU usage.

7. If you have a hidden reference model which you do not need anymore, you can delete it.
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