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Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word


We are updating Trimble Identity with additional features and improved security. If you are using a version older than Tekla Tedds 2021, some product features may no longer work after December 2021.

Features that require Trimble Identity sign-in are:

  • Online Side Pane
  • In-product Support Tool

All other product features can be used without signing in. You can use your Trimble Identity account in a web browser with our online services just like before, including Tekla Warehouse and Trimble Connect.

If you rely on any of the features listed above we recommend that you update to Tekla Tedds 2021 as soon as possible. This will allow you to continue signing in when we phase out the previous-generation of Trimble Identity. 

Take note of the following:

  • We recommend starting all new projects with Tekla Tedds 2021.
  • Tekla products have an extended schedule for this change. If you are using other Trimble software, you may need to upgrade those products by August 30th. Refer to your product-specific support site for more details.

Action Required

If you are using Tekla Tedds version 2021 you do not need to do anything. 

If you are using a version older than 2021 then our first recommendation is that you update to Tekla Tedds version 2021.  This can be obtained from Tekla Downloads.

If you have a particular need to continue using an older version, we recommend you take the following action as soon as possible.

Version Subscriptions Perpetual Licensing
2021 No action Required No action Required
2020 Install v2021 Licensing** No action Required**
2019 Install v2021 Licensing* No action Required*
2018 Install v2021 Licensing No action Required

*From January 2022 Identity dependent TUA content will not be accessible from Help and the Side Pane.

**From January 2022 the Support Tool will not function in addition to the above restrictions.


The v2021 Licensing installation (termed the Tekla Structural License Service) is available in Tekla Downloads.  For fuller instructions on installing v2021 Licensing see the Update the Tekla Structural License Service section in the related article When Signing In to my application, the License Manager opens with a Status error message such as "Access Denied"

Online Licensing

Online licensing also uses Trimble Identity sign-in, Tekla Tedds versions 2021 and 2020 are already compatible with the latest version of Trimble Identity.


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