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Tekla PowerFab
Tekla PowerFab GO
Tekla PowerFab Tekla PowerFab GO
Tekla PowerFab Tekla PowerFab GO
Tekla PowerFab Tekla PowerFab GO
Tekla PowerFab Tekla PowerFab GO

We are updating Trimble Identity with additional features and improved security. If you are using a version older than Tekla PowerFab 2021, this major change to the sign-in platform requires you to update Tekla PowerFab so that you can continue signing in. Without the service pack update, sign-in will continue to work until the end of the year 2021.

Sign-in is required to access your license, so you cannot use Tekla PowerFab without signing in.

Tekla products have an extended schedule for this change. If you are using other Trimble software, you may need to upgrade those products by August 30. Refer to your product-specific support site for more details.


Tekla PowerFab Version Action required
2021 No actions needed
2020i Install service pack 3
2020 Install service pack 4
2019i Install service pack 6

Service packs for these products will not be released. We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of Tekla PowerFab at your earliest convenience.

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