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The Tekla PowerFab to SigmaNest Integration eliminates manual double entry of inventory and parts.

The workflow can now be even easier, with fewer manual tasks, when coupled with the new Tekla PowerFab Plugin for SigmaNest.

  • Inventory Export sends or updates inventory from Tekla PowerFab to SigmaNest. This integration is intended to have Tekla PowerFab as the primary data source, keeping SigmaNest up to date via SimTrans.
  • HTML Inventory Import allows SigmaNest to send inventory (particularly remnants) to Tekla PowerFab that were created outside the integration.
  • Nesting Export and Results Import allows SigmaNest to nest a combining run from Tekla PowerFab. Parts (but not inventory) are exported as a nesting request for SigmaNest using SimTrans. The SigmaNest user selects the proper Work Order, and nests the parts on to stock (either in Inventory or to order).

    Results of this Nesting run can be sent back to Tekla PowerFab in one of two ways:
  • Nesting and cut/take from stock operations have a couple of workflow options:

1. Using reports: 

The nesting html report is exported from SigmaNest, and imported to Tekla PowerFab to order material or reserve inventory.

Cut List Import allows Tekla PowerFab to poll SigmaNest to find out what has been Posted, and update nests with this new information. Once a nest has been posted and the cut list imported (either from the initial import in Combining or through a cut list import), it can be taken from stock.

Automatically Take from Stock in Tekla PowerFab based on the SigmaNest Program Update, or automatically update a program in SigmaNest based on a Take from Stock in Tekla PowerFab.​

2. With the Tekla PowerFab Plugin for SigmaNest:

Simply doing a Post in SigmaNest will reserve inventory or create a requisition to order material in Tekla PowerFab.

Once the nest is ready to cut, performing a Program Update in SigmaNest triggers a Take From Stock in Tekla PowerFab, marking parts as cut, relieving stock from Inventory and saving the remnants in Inventory. 


Required Files

  • Tekla PowerFab Inventory Detail.fr3 (Report)
  • Tekla PowerFab Layout Detail.fr3 (Report; not required when using Tekla PowerFab Plugin for SigmaNest)

What to do

  1. Setup SigmaNest and Tekla PowerFab to work together.
  2. Send SigmaNest the Tekla PowerFab Inventory.
  3. Or (Optionally), import Inventory and/or remnants from SigmaNest to Tekla PowerFab.
  4. Send a combining run to SigmaNest for nesting, and import results to Tekla PowerFab (or post results to Tekla PowerFab with plugin in SigmaNest).
  5. Update Tekla PowerFab Inventory from cut list or Program Update (with plugin).
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