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1. Values for the advanced options XS_DISABLE_VIEW_CENTERING_xx

The only values you can give for the advanced options XS_DISABLE_VIEW_CENTERING_GA, XS_DISABLE_VIEW_CENTERING_ASSEMBLY, XS_DISABLE_VIEW_CENTERING_MULTI and XS_DISABLE_VIEW_CENTERING_SINGLE are "VER" and "HOR" (not "TRUE", "FALSE, "1", etc). You can use both values also simultaneously separated by any character, such as a space, comma, & or and), as long as the values are present. For example, if you use "VER", it means that the view will NOT be centered in the vertical direction, and the view is actually placed near the top of the paper. Similarly for "HOR", the view will be placed on the left edge of the page. For creating centered views, leave the advanced option empty.

2. Paper layout settings

It is important to understand that the paper layout settings can affect these advanced options.
In Tekla Structures, each layout has its own table layouts, fixed drawing sizes and calculated drawings sizes, and they all must be set carefully with regards to centering.


2.1 Table Layout

In Table layout, you can specify which drawing templates can be used with the chosen layout. Sometimes, the drawing template is larger than the actual paper size. This causes an error which makes Tekla Structures ignore the advanced option. In the picture below, the drawing template is larger than the paper size, which causes the view not to be centered even though you have specified so with the advanced option.


2.2 Fixed sizes

Here, problems occur if you have not specified any Fixed sizes for Tekla Structures to choose from. In the snapshot below, if you did not have any sizes (A1, A2...), Tekla Structures would not know to which paper size to center the view, and thus would ignore the advanced option. You need to be careful when using fixed sizes, and check that some sizes have been specified to the given layout. For example, certain fixed sizes might be missing from certain layouts when using certain Tekla Structures Roles, such as Engineering.


2.3 Calculated sizes

When using calculated sizes, Tekla Structures calculates the required paper size using some incremental parameters and maximum paper size that you specify. The problems occur when you do not specify at least the Maximum size of the paper. If you set Maximum size to zero or leave the value out, the centering advanced options are ignored.


3. Summary

The advanced option XS_DISABLE_VIEW_CENTERING_xx might appear not to be working if you have associated to your table layout a drawing template that is larger than the paper size, if you have not specified Fixed sizes, or if you have not specified any paper sizing rules for Calculated sizes. A way to guarantee that the centering advanced options will work, is by using Specified size in the Layout Properties dialog box(below), and specify your own Drawing size and correct table layout (without oversized drawing templates).

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