Setting up Port Forwarding

Tekla EPM GO
Tekla EPM Tekla EPM GO
Port Forwarding Setup
Setting up Port Forwarding

EPM GO requires that a TCP port be forwarded to the Tekla EPM server on your network.  Typically, this is done by an IT person on your network firewall/router.

Please Note:

PowerFab personnel will not manually configure your firewall for you due to the importance of your network security.


Tekla EPM GO is a peer-to-peer application using a RESTful-like protocol over TCP sockets. Tekla EPM GO is used by steel fabricators to provide a secured, web-facing interface to production data held with in Tekla EPM.

Port Number

• Any non-standard TCP port (1024 - 65535) not already in use.
• The default port is 9154, however if you wish to use a different port this has to be part of the information you provide to support during the set up.
• Port 3306 is already used by MySQL as the default for the desktop application of EPM.


• TCP only. 

Traffic Origin and Destination

• Inbound traffic should be forwarded to the “Tekla EPM server” on this port and  may originate from any of the following IP addresses:


• We would request that restriction to these IP addresses be done after the initial testing.
• Outbound traffic may be sent to anywhere on the Internet.

Software Firewalls

• Any software firewalls (and anti-virus programs, etc.) on the Tekla EPM server will also need to permit traffic as described here.
• Windows Firewall is often turned on by Windows Update and may require rules to be applied to allow the connection.

Additional Details

• All traffic on this port will be encrypted and compressed.

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