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My revision mark templates are suddenly no longer working properly in Tekla Structures 2021 SP3. There are empty revision tables in the drawing. I can see revisions in the Revision dialog box but the template does not display the info on the drawing anymore.

Revisions are missing in the drawing template


There was change done in TTSD-45812 which was released in the following Tekla Structures versions:

  • 2019i SP 11
  • 2020 SP 10
  • 2021 SP 3

After this change all templates having just mere REVISION rows are not working properly, but the REVISION rows now need to be defined as a sub row of the DRAWING row in the Template Editor hierarchy.

Update 8.10.2021: This is fixed in the Tekla Structures 2021 SP4 version in TTSD-47487, so in that version old revision templates should work without any changes. However, it does not harm anyhow if templates would contain the DRAWING parent row. For the other affected versions, there is the following workaround:

If you have your own templates you need to fix them as follows:

1.  Double-click the template in the drawing and open it in the Template Editor

2.  Add a new row to the template. Select DRAWING as the Content type.  

Add the DRAWING row to the template

3.  Change the hierarchy using the Move up/down and Shift row up/down buttons, so that the DRAWING row is on top level and REVISION row on the level beneath it.

Organize the REVISION row to be under the DRAWING row

4.  Right-click the DRAWING row and select Properties... from the popup menu. Select the Hide in output option. You don't need to modify the row size when using this option.

5.  Save the template. Now when you open the drawing the revisions are visible:

Revision template after fixing, revisions are visible in the drawing
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