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Recommended Directories Structure

Below is the recommended Directories structure for the server, workstations, and default directories:

Program Files:

C:\Program Files\Tekla EPM - This is the default program files from the install.

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM- This is the default document folder from the install.  All Tekla EPM users should have Full Access to this folder and all sub-folders unless an optional location is to be shared for this purpose.

C:\mysql – This is the default location for the MySQL database.

(Optional) D:\mysql - This is where the database can be installed if desired. The default location from the installer is C:\mysql and is likely the best option for most clients unless the size of the drive is an issue. You will be prompted during the install to select the destination.

(Optional) D:\FabSuite – If it is desirable not to have the attached documents on the root directory the user can create this directory after the install.  Under the D:\Tekla EPM folder you will want to create the following sub-folders and use those locations for the default directories on the server: D:\Tekla EPM\Backup; D:\Tekla EPM\CustomReports; D:\Tekla EPM\Documents; D:\Tekla EPM\Documents\Jobs; Drawings; D:\Tekla EPM\Export; D:\Tekla EPM\Imports; D:\Tekla EPM\License; D:\Tekla EPM\Log; D:\Tekla EPM\Updates.

C:\Program Files\Tekla EPM\ - This is the default program files from the install.

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM - This is the default document folder from the install.

Default Directories
Start the Tekla EPM program and click on the File pull-down menu and choose Default Directories.

Backup - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Backup
Export - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Export
Import - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Import
Log - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Log
Document Index - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Documents
Drawings - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Documents\Jobs
Updates - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Updates
Custom Reports - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\CustomReports

Backup - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Backup
Export - C:\Export  (User preference)
Import - C:\Import (User preference)
Log - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla EPM\Log
Document Index -\\(IP Address)\Shared Folder\Documents
Drawings - \\(IP Address)\Shared Folder\Drawings
Updates - \\(IP Address)\Shared Folder\Updates
Custom Reports - \\(IP Address)\Shared Folder\Custom Reports

Note- If the location of the default directories is to be located on the server it is important that the local path be used on that machine.
(IP Address) – can also be machine network name, but the use of mapped drives is discouraged.

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