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Subscription Licenses

Trimble is now offering a new type of subscription license, let's take a quick second to understand the difference between the types. One quick note is all of our online subscription licenses are named user licenses and not a pool of licenses.


Standard License
This license is accessible on the cloud, is a named user license, and has a limited number of reassignments allowed during an annual period. 

Flex License
This license is accessible on the cloud, is a named user license, and has an unlimited number of reassignments allowed during an annual period.

Now let's move on to talking about how to reassign these licenses to different users. The first thing to know before you start reassigning licenses is which subscription license you have. Since the standard license has a limited number of reassignments you want to be sure that you are making the right choices of reassignments and accounting for how many assignments you have left. 

Next, before you start the reassignment you also want to ensure that the user you are releasing the license from has closed Tekla Structures and signed out. If the user has not signed out of their Trimble Identity within the software then the license will require an 8-hour cool down before the reassignment will be allowed. You can unassign a license even though it is in use, however, it will require an 8 hour cool down before the next user can use the license. 

While the user is inside Tekla, the proper way to sign out would be to go to the profile section in the top right-hand corner of Tekla, and depending on the version you will click to "Sign out and Exit". See below for the different things you will see depending on the version. 

Version 2021

Version 2020, 2019i, 2019

Once the user has signed out you will need to proceed to your admin tool, you can navigate there by going here. If you are not your company administrator you will not be able to complete the next steps. 

Once on the admin panel you will see the assignments for your licenses similar to what we show below. 

In the example above the Tekla Structures Diamond Flex license is currently assigned to Dustin Roden. To remove the license you would simple uncheck the box under the license. When you do this you can click the "Question Mark" beside the license name to see if the license was successfully removed from the user. The key here is to make sure the "In Use" was reduced in count, i would check this prior to removing the assigned number to easily know how many were assigned prior and after so you know the number of licenses is now correct. 

Next, to assign a license to a user you would simply check the box under the license type you are assigning to the user. Now the new user can use Tekla Structures with their new assigned license. 
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