Load Material into Purchasing by Seq/Lot

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Load Materials into Purchasing
In FabSuite 16.1 and earlier the Production Control > Purchasing > Load Material into Requisition and Load Material into Purchase Order options did not include the ability to set a filter on the sequence or lot #.  The reason for that was that those options looked strictly at the reference # field of the production items when determining if it should be loaded.  If an item already had a non-blank reference # then it was considered to have already been purchased and was not loaded again.  So if an item happened to be in multiple sequences then loading the first sequence would have set the reference # value, preventing the other sequences from being loaded.

As FabSuite 16.2 these options now look at the quantity already linked to material in requisitions or inventory and only load the remaining un-linked quantity.  The presence or absence of a reference # value on the production item no longer makes a difference as to whether or not it is loaded.

With that change we are now able to make the sequence and lot # filters available to these features.  If you choose the Load Selected Material into Requisition/Purchase Order options then the filter screen appears with the only options being the sequence and lot # filters, so you have the option of restricting the sequences/lots to load from the selected items.  This filter screen also restricts the available options for all filters to just the material that is not linked and can be loaded.  Items that are fully linked will not appear in the filter selections.

For example, let's say you have an item with a quantity of three with a quantity of one in sequence 1 and a quantity of two in sequence 2.  If you choose the Load Selected Material into Requisition option and set a filter on sequence 1 then a quantity of one will be added to the requisition and the reference # will be set to the piece mark on the production item.  Then at a later time you can choose to load the material again, without a filter or filtered on sequence 2, and the remaining quantity of 2 will be loaded.

To help ensure that material is not double-ordered these options will check for existing material in requisitions and inventory to link the production items to.  For example, if you have purchased material based on an ABM and you do intend to cut it the way it was combined on the ABM then you need to perform a Production Control > Purchasing > Link Job step in order to establish the links to the existing cutting details.  Since the load material options now look at the quantity linked instead of the presence of a reference # when deciding the material to load, if that Link Job step is omitted then that material would be loaded into purchasing again.  To eliminate this possibility the load material options will automatically check for links that can be established with existing items in requisitions and inventory for any production items that already have a reference # value.  If any are found then the links are established, otherwise they are loaded into the requisition/PO.  The result is exactly what would happen is the user had chosen to perform a Link Job prior to loading the material, except it is done automatically as a safeguard in case the user forgets to do it manually.
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