I have a mix of both Sentinel RMS Server licenses and new Subscription Licenses (Tekla Online) - how should I configure the license settings?

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The Tekla Structural Design programs (Tekla Tedds, Tekla Structural Designer, Tekla Portal Frame and Tekla Connection Designer) now support two licensing systems:

  • Sentinel RMS - existing licensing system used by product releases before 2020
  • Tekla Online License - new licensing system introduced in the 2020 product releases and applicable to all subscription licenses purchased from March 11th 2020 onward.  

If you are an existing customer with licenses purchased before March 11th 2020 (termed 'on-premises' or 'perpetual' licenses) and you have purchased new licenses after March 11th (subscription licenses), you may now have a combination of both Sentinel RMS Server and Tekla Online license systems.  See below for how you can configure your computers to use both license systems so that all users in your organization can use your existing perpetual licenses and your subscription licenses.


New Installation

When installing a new release by default both Tekla Tedds and Tekla Structural Designer will be configured to use the same license method. You can choose the option which best suits the mix of licenses you have and which licenses you typically use.

If you want to share your pool of Sentinel RMS - Server licenses and your Tekla Online Licenses, select the “Automatic” License Method as shown below (note the text adjacent to each option explains what it is for).


2020 Install - Auto method.jpg


If you want to restrict a client computer to use only the Tekla Online licenses select the “Tekla Online” option. If you want to restrict a client computer to use only the licenses on your own server, select the “Server (Sentinel RMS)” option.


If you want to set different methods for different products, see the Existing Installation section below.

Existing Installation

For an existing installation do the following on the client computer:

  • Open the Windows Start Menu and select Tekla Structural Licensing > System & User Settings


2020 system and user settings.png


  • On the Products page, select the Product you want to change and set the License method to Automatic (as shown in the picture below), or Tekla Online or Sentinel RMS - Server, depending on how you want this client computer to access the license pool.


2020 - System & User Auto.png


  • Repeat for all products that have a mix of license methods available.
    • If you have a mix of versions of some products installed, note that previous versions back to Release 2016 can also use a Tekla Online License.
  • Click OK when you have completed the process.

For Multiple Clients

If you are a System Administrator and have lots of client computers to reconfigure, you may prefer to set the configuration via the client registry key that stores this setting.  

Each product has a separate key at

This is shown below for Tekla Structural Designer 2020 and the Automatic method.

We recommend that you do this as follows:

  1. On any client computer, set the License Method manually as described above for all required products
  2. Test each product to ensure that it is working as required.
  3. Export the registry key for each product you have reconfigured.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each method if you are going to have a mix of methods across your client computers.
  5. Use the exported key(s) to update all the other client computers.


2020 Registry Lic Method.png

Distributed Deployment (SMS)

If you centrally deploy your Tekla Structural Design programs with your own installation using a Distributed Deployment System (as described in this article), or using a Silent Installation (as described in this article), you may need the installation codes to set the desired license method.

These are as follows (the figure in brackets is the Hexadecimal format) :   

  • For Tekla Online set TEKLA_LICENSE_METHOD=#68 (0x0044)
  • For Automatic set TEKLA_LICENSE_METHOD=#65535 (0xFFFF)
  • For Sentinel RMS - Server set TEKLA_LICENSE_METHOD=#18 (0x0012)


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