I cannot launch Tedds and/ or run commands when it is open after a period of use. I get "Error 18" and/ or "Error 25" is displayed within the License Manager. How can I resolve this?

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You have either of the following symptoms:
  • When trying to open Tedds the License Manager launches instead, stating Error 25 within the Status page with the following text:
    • Could not understand the message received from the License Manager on the specified host. The versions of the client and License Manager are incompatible
  • Or Tedds opens but after a period of use you cannot run commands (such as calculate) and get the following errors:
    • Error [18] No license code is available for feature "Tedds User (Legacy)" on host XXXXXX
    • When the License Manager is opened (from within the program) you see Error [25] Could not understand the message received from the License Manager on the specified host...
The issue also occurs for TSD/Tekla Portal Frame Designer/Tekla Connections Designer.


This is occuring because the Sentinel RMS version on the client (your computer) is newer than the version on the License Server.  So, the solution to this issue is to upgrade the Tekla Structural License Service on the License Server.  This current and latest version of this Tekla Structural License Service (3.3.x) is now available in Tekla Downloads .  It should be installed onto the License Server with the following options selected (note - select the third option only if your PC is also used on the license server).


Due to significant changes to the current version of the Tekla Structural License Service, this upgrade is required on the license server to enable the use of  the latest version of  Tedds (and any other current Analysis & Design product).

This installation is not required on the client machines.
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