How to split bars into stock lengths using splitters

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I've inserted a rebar set into a slab but the bars are the whole length, I need to split the bars into stock lengths with standard laps. What's the best way to go about this?


You can define standard and custom lapping and cranking properties for rebar set bars using splitters.

In this article, three exercices are introduced to teach you how to define and modify rebar sets.

First, we show you how to insert a rebar set, split it and colour the rebar groups. Then, we show you how to modify the splitter using the settings in the Rebar splitter properties pane, for example Split type, Lapping type, and the Cranking section. Finally, we will take a look at how the Rebar set properties pane automatically handles tapered edges.


Exercise 1

Splitting the rebar

  1. From the Concrete menu, select Rebar set > Create crossing rebars
  2. Move cursor over the edge of slab, a preview of crossing rebars is shown
  3. Select an edge of a concrete part or pour object, select edge (1)
  4. Define the shape of the rebar set (2)
  5. Click middle mouse button to create rebar set
The rebar set is inserted into the model. Now we need to split the rebar.
  1. Ensure Direct modification switch is on  
  2. Select the rebar set
  3. From the Rebar set menu, select Splitter
  4. Move cursor over edge of rebar set, the lengths of the affected bars are shown in the model 
  5. Pick start position, select the rebar 
The rebar splits.  

Colour rebar groups

  1. From the Concrete menu, select Rebar display options > Color rebar groups
Automatic bar grouping is dynamic, the colours change to denote different groups.

Exercise 2

Modify the Splitter properties

When you select a single rebar set bar or bar group, the modifiers and splitters that affect the selected bars are shown in the model. Also, the other bars that are not selected in the rebar set are shown as semi-transparent. When you select a modifier or splitter, the rebar set bars that are affected by this modifier or splitter are indicated in the model. The other, unaffected bars are shown as semi-transparent. With the rendering option Show only selected part (Ctrl+5) , the affected bars are made visible when you select a modifier or splitter.
  1. Select the rebar set, the splitter is shown 
  2. Select the splitter
The Rebar splitter properties pane opens.
  1. Set the properties as shown
    Split type: Lapping
    Lap side: Lap middle
    Stagger type: Stagger middle
    Stagger offset: 1500
  2. Click Modify  
The rebar splitter modifies, the rebar is staggered. 
  1. Set Stagger type to No stagger
  2. Click Modify
The rebar splitter modifies. In some locations you may want to crank bars instead of lapping them.
  1. Select the splitter
  2. Set the properties as shown
    Split type: Cranking
    Cranking type: Standard cranking
    Crank side: Left
  3. Click Modify  
The rebar splitter modifies.  The Lap/Crank length, as standard, are based on country code calculations; so when you change the bar size the lap lengths change too.

Exercise 3

Modify the Rebar set properties to handle tapered edges

Tapering can be set by distance for Straight, Intermediate or First/Last legs.
  1. Select the rebar set 
The Rebar set properties pane opens.
  1. Set the Step tapering properties as shown
  2. Type: Distance
    Straight bars: 100
  3. Click Modify  
Extra length is handled in the splitter. You can also bundle bars by number.
  1. Select the rebar set
  2. Set Type to Number of bars 5
  3. Click Modify  
The bars are bundled into sets of five.  
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