How to make a Tekla Structures model publicly available?

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First, you need to upload your Tekla Structures model to Trimble Connect. Then you can create a public share link and even embed the viewer to a web page for public viewing access.

Create a public share link

  1. In Trimble Connect Web, go to your project.
  2. In the Data > Explorer locate the model file you want to share.
  3. Select the model file.
  4. In the right side panel, click the Share button. 
  5. Share with Any users with the link. You can also set an expiration date for the link.
  6. Click Create links.

Now you have your public share link. You can give this link to others, and they can see your model via a web browser without signing in or installing anything. The link will look something like this:
Note: A model made publicly available cannot be modified by others. Allow access to View Only to prevent others from downloading it.

Embed model view in a web page

  1. Embed your model in a Inline Frame Element into your web page, for example like this:
<iframe src=""></iframe>
Now your web page contains an embedded view like the below one:
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