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In case the customer has perpetual licenses, then you can achieve the required limitation by modifying the options file (tekla.opt).

Here is an example of a rule that you can add into tekla.opt file:

GROUP TS2021Users user1 user2 user3


  • TS2021Users - group name
  • user1 user2 user3 - Windows usernames separated with spaces
  • FUD-C - abbreviation of configuration
  • VERSION=2021 - version of licenses the rule will apply to (in this case the version is 2021)

The rule will guarantee that only the listed users (user1, user2, and user3) have access to version 2021 Full configuration licenses. All other users will have no access to those licenses.

Depending on a case, instead of granting access it might be easier to block access. In this case, you can use the EXCLUDE option.

For example:


In this example, the version 2020 Steel Detailing configuration licenses will be available to everyone except the user4.

Instead of USER/GROUP option you can use the HOST/HOST_GROUP option for defining computer-name-based access instead of user-name-based access.

You have to restart Tekla Structures Licensing Service (or reread license file by clicking the ReRead License File button in LMTOOLS) for changes to take effect.

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