How to deactivate licenses using command lines – Manual Deactivation

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deactivate licenses using command lines
deactivate licenses
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You can deactivate licenses on command line with the following commands. Intechnical perspective, it is the same as if you would deactivate the licenses in Tekla Structures License Administration Tool, but without the graphical user interface.

Before you begin, Please note the following:

 In Windows 7 and Vista, you will need to run Command Prompt as Administrator.
     Note that the commands are case sensitive.

 In order to deactivate one of your activated licenses, you need to check the fulfillment ID first for that particular license.

Checking the fulfillment ID

While in Command Prompt and in Server folder, type:
Serveractutil –view
and click Enter.
You will receive a list of all the activated licenses on your server, as in the following image:

serveractutil -view2.JPG

Check the fulfillment ID of the license that you want to deactivate.

Checking the fulfilmnet ID2.JPG

Deactivate the license:

Now, type the following command in your server directory without linebreaks:

serveractutil -return FID_fbe70ea_139e4fcae9__7961  –commServer

In which

FID_fbe70ea_139e4fcae9__7961  needs to be replaced with the fulfillment ID of the license, which you want to deactivate.
Checking the fulfilment ID3.JPG

You will receive a message about successful deactivation.

processing the deactivation command.JPG

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