How to activate licenses using command lines – Manual Activation

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Command Lines
activating licenses using command lines
command line licensing
Not environment-specific
You can activate your license(s) on command line using "Command Prompt". In technical perspective it is basically the same as if you would activate the license(s) usingTekla Structures License Administration Tool, but without the graphical user interface.

Before you begin, please note the following: 

  • In Windows 7 and Vista, you will need to run "Command Prompt" as Administrator.
  • Commands line(s) are case sensitive.
  • You need the Entitlement Certificate that you received from Tekla in order to know the Activation ID for the license(s). The Entitlement Certificate should be like this:

Entitlement Certificates.JPG

  • Activation ID and the number of licenses are mandatory to apply the command line

To activate your license(s), you need to move into the Server directory on your server computer, and type in the following command without linebreaks:
serveractutil -served -commServer  -activationID F142-FF9E-D033-D06A-2C -hybrid 1 

Activation Code_Command line.JPG

  In which: 

F142-FF9E-D033-D06A-2C  needs to be replaced with the activation ID of the license which you want to activate, and 1 is replaced with the number of licenses that you want to activate.

After typing the command and clicking Enter,  you will receive status information about the activation and finally a message about successful activation:

Processing the activation command line.JPG

You have successfully activated the above license.


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