How do I join a Tekla Online Service Organization?

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Tekla Structural Designer
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There are a couple of ways to become part of your Tekla Online Service Organization

Via your Profile

  • Open your profile page
  • The service will attempt to suggest an Organization based on your email address 
  • If it finds one then click the Request Invite
  • You will also need to let your Tekla Online Service Organization adminstrator know you have requested an invite

Via your Tekla Online Service Organization adminstrator

You would need to contact your Tekla Online Service Organization adminstrator and request they send you an invite into your Tekla Online Service Organization.

Your Tekla Online Service Organization adminstrator is usually a technical memeber of your company who was involved in the purchase and subsequent management of your software - so it could be your boss, your line manager, your director or maybe even someone in your IT team.

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