How can I centrally deploy Tekla software?

Tekla Structural Designer
Not version-specific
Tekla Structural Designer
Not environment-specific

I want to centrally deploy Tekla Structural Designer what do I need to do to be able to do this?

Tekla installations are designed to support distributed deployment scenarios using Windows Group Policy or proprietary Software Management Systems (SMS). The SMS software will vary depending upon your chosen deployment process and therefore we are unable to offer detailed technical assistance on how to impliment this. What we can provide is a list of requirements / components and how to install them to allow you to package up a centralized install in your chosen deployment process.

Where is the information found?

Every release of the software has different dependencies so the best way for us to distribute this information is to ship it in the the installation download. Because the vast majority of users will never need to know this we do not provide links to the information via the installation wizard - it is necessary to unpack the download to find the information.

How do I unpack the install to access the Distributed Deployment details?

  1. Run the downloaded installation package
    • Allow the unpacking process to complete and the Installation wizard to launch
  2. Cancel the Installation wizard
  3. Open a Windows explorer  and navigate to
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Tekla\Structural\Install Cache
  4. In here there will be a sub folder related to the product and release you are trying to install,  e.g. for the latest 2022 release installation it is named. "setup_tekla_structural_design_2022_june2022"
  5. Open the subfolder for the release you want to work with and open the Distributed Deployment.htm document


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