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Getting started with multi-user
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To get started with Multi-User and take it into use, do the following:

Step #1 :  Download Tekla Structures Multi-User Server installation package from Tekla Downloads >> All Downloads Page.
Here is a direct link to download Tekla Structures Multi-user Server
Step #2: Choose a server computer or a machine that acts as a server to host the multi-user service. Of course, we recommend our customers to install it on a company server so that it is available anytime for users to use. 
Step #3 : After successful installation of Tekla Structures Multi-user Server, you should be able to see the service listed under Windows Services.
To open Windows Services, navigate to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services)


In case the multi-user server status is "running", then you can now take it into use by following below steps. 
Step #4: User's workstation side:
Tekla user can convert a single-user model to a multi-user model  and open it in the multi-user mode by following steps below. Here are two possible scenarios to achieve the same. 
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Convert a current, open modelOn the File menu, click Sharing > Convert to a multi-user model .
Enter the multi-user server name or select the name from the list in the Convert to multi-user model dialog box.
Click Convert.
The current model is converted to a multi-user model.
Convert some other than the current modelOn the File menu, click Open > All models .
Select the single-user model to be converted from the list of models, and click Convert to multi-user model.
Enter the multi-user server name or select the name from the list in the Convert to multi-user model dialog box.
Click Convert.

You are done!

Troubleshooting steps and best practices:

Make sure that all the users who are working on multi-user mode are running the same Tekla Structures version and service release and environment.

If the user couldn’t connect to the multiuser server then the connection maybe blocked by the windows firewall or antivirus. Do the following:

1) Add the program xs_server.exe that is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Tekla Structures Multi user to Windows firewall >> Inbound rules,  and also to the exception list of the antivirus.

Add the TCP/IP port number: 1238 to Windows firewall >> Inbound rules.

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Convert form Multi-user mode to a single-user mode:
To convert form a multi-user model to a single user model, follow steps available in this support article. 

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