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Tekla Structures
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Tekla Structures
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I got an error message when trying to install Tekla Structures. My colleague was able to install Tekla Structures normally so I think the problem is related to my computer. Where I can find more information?

Tekla Structures installers use Windows Installer (MSI) technology. Here are some common advices when installing software:

  1. Make sure your computer meets Tekla Structures Hardware requirements.
  2. You need to have administrator rights on the computer when you install Tekla Structures.
  3. Check that your Tekla Structures download was complete.
  4. Check that the digital signature of the downloaded installation exe file is OK. 
  5. Make sure you hard disk drive is not full.
  6. Reboot your computer before installing.
  7. Do not start any additional software before the installation is finished.
  8. Make sure that no automated updates or installations are running at the same time.
  9. After installing, reboot your computer if it prompts so. We recommend to reboot even if it is not always necessary.

To fix and investigate installer problems on your computer you can use the information and tools provided by Microsoft:

If you need to troubleshoot installation issues more, you will find the installation log file from Windows %TEMP% folder with a name starting with MSI and ending with .log

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