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How can I create a view filter that shows a set of objects from a reference model and a filtered set of parts?

Creating filters for different object types is a bit more complicated. You first have to create a row that specifies what type of objects you want to filter, and then another row for the filtering condition. You then use parenthesis and the And option to link the rows together. You have to repeat the process for every additional object type you need to filter.

For example, see the picture below:

Examples of simple filters can be found here: Examples of filters. The first row tells we're working with a reference model. The number in the Value field is selected by using Select from model... The second row is the actual filter we want. See "Filter reference model object properties" subtitle in the "Examples of filters" -TUA article.

Next, we create a row that specifies we're going to filter parts. The fourth row is the actual filter we want, in this case a name filter. You want to use the the option And inside the parenthesis, and Or when linking together the two filters outside the parenthesis.

Trying to create the filter by only using rows 2 and 4 will not yield the wanted result. This technique can be used for creating selection filters as well.
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