END OF LIFE for older Tekla Structures versions in Tekla Model Sharing

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Trimble wants to ensure that your model sharing data is safe and the software you use is compliant with the latest cyber-security standards. Old Tekla Structures versions can no longer be kept up-to-date with the latest security standards and will no longer be able to connect to the Tekla Model Sharing service (including the on-premises server).

After the end-of-life date, you cannot continue working on Tekla Model Sharing projects with these Tekla Structures versions. You may download the latest baseline through the Management Console for Tekla Model Sharing, but you can no longer read in or write out any packets to that model.

If you need to continue the project as a shared model, you need to update the model to a newer Tekla Structures version. We recommend that you use the newest possible version.


If you need to use a model from an old version of Tekla Structures with a much newer version (for example, a Tekla Structures 2019 model in Tekla Structures 2023), we recommend that you open and save the model one version at a time. Before you continue on to the next version, check that the model still works as intended and back up this converted model before you continue the upgrade to the next version. When a model from an older version is opened in a newer version, the model data is converted. If you skip over software versions, the database changes are more extensive and the potential need for manual rework to match new and changed product features increases.

The general process for the upgrade is as follows:

1. Download the baseline model.
2. Open the downloaded baseline in the newer Tekla Structures version.
3. Exclude the model from sharing.
4. Share the model again with the newer Tekla Structures version.

You can find the detailed instructions for completing these steps in this article: Instructions about moving to newer versions

Other changes relating to model sharing

  • Sign-in changes for Trimble Identity affected also Tekla Model Sharing use. The supported service packs are listed in the Sign-in changes in Tekla Structures article
  • We have disabled the use of insecure old versions of Transfer Layer Security protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in the internet traffic for Tekla Model sharing. This affects Tekla Model Sharing users on Tekla Structures versions older than 2019 or using the Windows 7 operating system. For more information, see Security update for Tekla Model Sharing.
  • We plan to stop supporting the use of the Tekla Model Sharing service with Tekla Structures future versions according to the end of life announcements.

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Tekla Model Sharing end of life announcement: https://www.tekla.com/products/end-of-life

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