“Dashed” member representation in the model after creating a Polygon cut

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Sometimes after creating a unique cut or connection on a solid part in a model, the part will become transparent with a dashed outline. This is known as a Solid error, and it occurs when cuts that are added to members fail.

Parts that have this representation are still accounted for in Tekla – they can be numbered and used in drawings and reports – but you cannot open and edit a drawing until the solid error has been corrected.

First, determine what is causing the Solid Error (i.e. a manual polygon cut, or a cut within a connection) to know what has to be edited or changed.



  1. If the error is caused by a manual cut, then the cut needs to be edited. To do so, it is helpful to look at several views of the part.

2. You can try moving the cut as it may be in the wrong location, or changing its size as it may be too large for a part.



Also, see the linked article for additional information on how to create accurate cuts.

Bent plates created with the Polybeam option, which are partly cut with a Polygon cut, as shown above, may generate issues when exporting to CNC. See this article on how to resolve that issue.

3. If it is caused after having added a connection, switch to select objects in components so start deleting cuts individually until finding which one is causing the error.


Typically, when the error comes from a connection there are other factors at play such as how the connection was created. In this case, it is a good idea to check your Assemblies at that connection to ensure that it has been applied correctly.


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