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Import failed. Export version not recognized
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Export version not recognized
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Question: I'm trying to import some custom component files, but I get an "Import failed. Export version not recognized" error message. What could I do to the .uel files to make them work? I'm using Tekla Structures V2017, and the files I exported from are in V2018. Is there a way of solving this?


Answer: You cannot import a .uel (custom component) file from a newer version into an older one. If you click OK on the error messages, toward the end of it, you are asked to Check the log file for details. Below is an image of what this log says when attempting to import the .uel into a previous version:


You will have to import Custom components from an earlier or the same version in any given version of Tekla Structures. In this case, the service pack is not relevant. 

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