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Creating the Layout

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a custom template from a DWG file, see the linked video Import DWG into Template Editor to customize Title blocks and/ or the linked article Import DWG into Template Editor to create custom Title blocks.

To use or view the newly created template in a Tekla Structures drawing, you must create a new Drawing Layout. You can also modify an existing one if desired. To do so:

  • While Tekla Structures is open, access the drawing layout editor either from the File drop-down Menu> Editors> Drawing layout editor or within an opened drawing by double-clicking on an existing template (BOM, Title block, etc.) and choosing to edit the template in the Drawing layout editor




In legacy versions, you can open the drawing layout editor from within Tekla Structures via the Drawings & Reports > Drawing Settings > Drawing Layout… menu selection.
  • Once in Layout Editor mode, click Create layout. In the Create drawing layout dialog add a Name, and be sure to select the correct Drawing size. Click Create
  • Click on Add tables and look for the templates that will populate your sheet of paper or Layout. This includes any custom templates, such as title blocks, which should all be on the Available tables list. Note that you can use the Search... bar to look for a specific name, and also keep in mind that snap settings are important in the placement or insertion points of templates throughout the layout. 


If you chose to edit the template in the Drawing layout editor from within a drawing, you can skip the Create layout part and simply start adding and/or removing tables or templates. To remove, highlight the template from the Tables in use list on the right and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • Close the Available tables dialog once all your templates are in place. Note that you can move templates from point A to point B as you would move parts in a Model. Click Save as > Save and lastly, Close the Layout Editor.


If you chose to edit the template in the Drawing layout editor from within a drawing, try to not overwrite an existing, out-of-house template. Instead, choose a unique name for future use. 
  • To use your newly created template in a drawing, Load the corresponding set of attributes or properties for the type of drawing that you are creating and click on the Layout tab. There, in the DrawingType - Layout Properties dialog, change the layout to the one that you had saved. 


For additional information on how to Create and edit drawing layouts see the linked article. 


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