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Working in conjunction with the largest cold rolled steel manufacturers in the UK we have created tools to allow Tekla Structures models to utilise each of their cold rolled systems. These tools are designed to work with each specific manufacturer's rules, helping to ensure the model meets the requirements of the specific manufacturer. Intelligent joints/macros allow rapid modelling and updating of cold rolled accessories, following as close as possible the system limitations.

Most manufacturers have a File Transfer that allows you to check the validity of the cold rolled items before placing an order and produces the necessary files required to place your order. The File Transfer saves time by eliminating errors earlier in the process by notifying you of possible problems.

Currently most cold rolled steel systems are available within the software however some systems are available via Tekla Warehouse. We recommend you always use the latest software release as any revisions made by manufacturers that we include within Tekla Structures will generally not be back dated to older versions.

The help files provide guidance on how to use each component, an explanation of the Parts, Parameters and Bolts tabs and any important information relevant to the use of specific cold rolled systems.

*More help files coming soon*

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