Changing mouse settings to avoid crash when zooming

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Tekla Structures
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This topic handles steps on how you can change the Horizontal scroll behavior of your mouse in Logitech Options for Tekla Structures.

This relates to the problem which causes Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow crash in Tekla Structures, but as stated in the linked article, in some cases horizontal scrolling may cause a crash without an error message.

Mouse with horizontal scroll button

  1. To apply this setting to Tekla Structures, click All Applications, turn on Application-Specific settings, and select the Tekla Structures shortcut.
  2. Click the circle for the thumbwheel scroll button, and you will get different options for functions. 
  3. Change the Horizontal scroll option to any other option. In this example, we change it to Forward/Back but any other option is also possible.

Mouse with tilting scroll-wheel

  1. Click the circle for the Scroll left button, and assign it to something else than Horizontal scroll. For example to the Previous function.
  2. Click the circle for the Scroll right button, and assign it to something else than Horizontal scroll. For example to Next function.

This applies mostly to Windows 7 users. In Windows 8.1 or 10 this problem should be less common depending on the version of Tekla that you are using, but we have seen it happen without outputting an error message. 


Users with more advanced mice (MX Master Wireless Mouse) that don't support SetPoint software can apply the same solutions in the Logitech Options software as discussed above. 

You can consult the Logitech MX Master SETUP GUIDE to find out how to configure the MX Master mouse with Logitech Options, and how to configure Application-Specific settings with Logitech Options

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