Can I use Management Console for on-premises models?

Tekla Structures
Not version-specific
Tekla Structures
Not environment-specific
Is it possible to use Management Console for on-premises models? It has a lot of useful functions for on-premises models as well.

Currently there is no Management Console for the on-premises server or models. 

Note that you can add one account (user) as the owner for all the models in an on-premise server. That is done by running the installer, see the installation guide. You can re-run the installer to set this. So this one user can act as an administrator for all the models in the on-premises server using Tekla Structures. The owner can for example delete a model from on-premises server, when you open Shared models dialog box, select the model and click X. This removes the model from service, but leaves the model folder still in the on-premises server.

The functionality that currently is missing is the ability to lock the model and delete any number of the latest packets in case there is some trouble with them.
If that is needed then you can join the latest good version and reshare the model with a bit changed name.
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